Rodgers Mountain Consultants first came into existence in August 2000 and is based on the experience of its founder/owner, Ralph Lonbeck. Ralph has been practicing engineering for more than 50 years, 11 years in general civil and 39 years in civil and structural, after graduation from Oregon Institute of Technology. He is licensed as a Professional Civil Engineer in Washington and Civil and Structural Engineer in Oregon.

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We are a structural engineering firm. Our expertiese ranges from residential to industrial applications. Just a few of our skills are listed below.

  • Building design & analysis
  • Building rehabilitation
  • Equipment supports & foundations
  • Lateral force analysis
  • Access platforms
  • FHA/HUD inspections
  • Building inspections

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41379 Rodgers Mountain Loop Scio, Oregon
Phone: (503) 394 - 3954
Fax: (503) 394 - 3955
Facebook: facebook.com/ralph.lonbeck